Are you or someone you love feeling addicted to sugar?

Maybe you don’t even eat sugar daily…but then try to go three or four days without sugar….Hardly possible! The addiction to sugar is so strong that the cravings can be insurmountable (as with any other type of addiction).

Consider too, that breads, refined carbohydrates, and alcohol are “sugar” as well (insofar as how quickly those foods are metabolized and spike the blood sugar levels). So a person may go a day or two without sugar, but then find themselves needing a “carby” meal (like a big plate of spaghetti), or a glass of wine, or a bowl of cereal on other days.

Are you Addicted to Sugar?

What does it mean when we have sugar cravings or are driven to eat carby foods? Believe it or not, the meaning may go well beyond your psyche. It goes beyond habit. The meaning of sugar cravings often has to do with the bacteria colony that has been growing in the gut.

The bacteria colony grows on what we feed it. So a person who regularly eats sugar, carbs, and alcohol will have a flora colony in their gut that is skewed to “the sugar loving” flora. Unfortunately, the “sugar loving” flora strains are not good for us in any way. All they do is to create a chemistry that makes us crave more sugar in order to feed them.

How to Reduce Sugar Cravings

How do you reduce sugar cravings? It seems impossible…and to many, they do not want to even imagine a life without the joy that sugar brings them. But there is actually a life possible on the other side of those cravings. It is possible to have a life where you are no longer even tempted by sugar!

How do you reduce the sugar cravings? There are two basic ways: the first way is to starve out the sugar-loving flora (by not feeding them the sugar that sustains them), while increasing your dietary fiber intake.

Fiber is needed for the “good” bacteria. You can call the good bacteria: the “fiber-loving” bacteria. Fiber is not just the “mop” that helps us move out toxins from our intestines, and that gives us bulk for good bowel movements….Fiber is the food of good bacteria. The fiber-loving flora love to eat the fiber, and they live in it as their nest.

The good fiber-loving flora then will exude certain B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. They create a pacifying pH for our nerve receptor sites.

In the first method of how to reduce sugar cravings: you decrease sugary foods, and increase  fiberous foods (veggies, fruit, whole grains…mainly veggies!). You do this until you rebalance the flora in your gut to be the fiber-loving flora, predominantly. Then your colony will make you crave what fed it: fiber! It takes about a month in most cases.

What Can I Take To Stop a Sugar Addiction?

Starving out the sugar-loving flora through sheer willpower and by change of diet is hard to do, and impossible for some, though it works if you can do it. But what if there were something you could take to stop sugar cravings and speed the process? You are in luck, because there is! What you can take to stop sugar cravings is a combination of two products:

OPTION 1: Primal Defense plus Lactic Acid Yeast

Stop Sugar Cravings


OPTION 2 (for the gluten free): Primal Defense plus FloraMyces

Stop Sugar and Food Cravings (Gluten-Free)

Other combinations of probiotic products do not work for stopping sugar addiction.

You can go ahead and try your other probiotics for this…but bookmark this page so you can come back to it and get what works for most people most of the time.

The reason why these combos stop sugar cravings has to do with their special properties.

Both “option 1,” and “option 2” contain a yeast product that is healthful for us. Most yeast is actually among the “bad” flora (causing inflammatory exudates and not producing the good).

Lactic Acid Yeast is a mycelium yeast that eats sugars and carbs (like the bad flora do) and converts them to lactic acid. Therefore the good yeast is competing for food and space with the bad flora, helping to crowd them out.  And the lactic acid that is produced is good for us because the gut is supposed to be slightly acidic. An alkaline gut can harbor gas producing organisms.

We also have the option of FloraMyces, as your healthful yeast product. FloraMyces is a non-pathogenic yeast that is gluten free, which grow naturally on the skin of certain fruit.

To take either the Lactic Acid Yeast or the FloraMyces yeast will crowd out and compete with the bad yeasts (eating up the sugary, carby food). They will then produce exudates which help us what with the B vitamins, essential fatty acids and good pH–exudates which the bad bacteria and yeasts cannot thrive in.

Primal Defense is the second product in each combo 1 and 2, and it is a probiotic that has special properties. Not only is Primal Defense fermented on a soil matrix, but it also has two “soil organisms” among its other traditional probiotic blend. There is something about human history being intertwined with soil, living close to the earth, and in tandem soil organisms: our guts miss soil organisms in our modern clean living style.

Take option 1 or option 2 and have your sugar cravings stop usually within a few days.

How to Take Supplements for Sugar Cravings

All you do is take one of each of your two products with each meal (no less than three times per day). And if you find yourself cheating with something sweet to eat (even a banana), take one more of both products in your combo along with your sweet treat.

If you are finding that your craving is not reducing significantly within one to two weeks of this protocol, then double your dose.

There is only a small segment of people who would still be craving with the doubled dose. If you are still craving, even while diligently taking the supplements, it may mean that you have a systemic yeast or systemic fungus problem. The systemic problem can be dealt with, although it is a more difficult condition and needs a separate approach.

How Long Do I Take Them?

Take the supplements for a week or two beyond when your cravings stop. Keep the bottles on hand because you can grow back the “sugar lovers” by merely having a slice of birthday cake, or a couple of glasses of wine at a party. You may need to carry the products with you in order to take one of each with each spontaneous treat opportunity that may arise.

You do not need to take the products continuously forever. Once your cravings are over, keep your supplements on hand for if they start up again due to sweets-eating.

Why Should I Curb Sugar Cravings and Sugar Consumption?

There are so many reasons to take control of and to curb your sugar consumption. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has lowered their acceptable dietary sugar figure to 5% of total daily calories. Number one, sugar is simply “inflammatory” to our cells. If you put some cells in a petri dish and add sugar water, a scientist will be able to measure cytokines (inflammatory markers) shortly thereafter.

Inflammation and Glycosylated End Products

Inflammation is involved with so many diseases and problems, from heart disease, to allergies, to macular degeneration, arthritis, and so much more. And it is not just this simple issue of inflammation, and how to “mop up” the inflammation….

When you have been addicted to sugar for too long of a time, it starts to affect the cells throughout the body.

Your cells may start to say “NO MORE SUGAR!” This is a gradual process that leads to overall “insulin resistance.”  Long term insulin resistance can lead to Type ll diabetes, and even to Type lll diabetes /Alzheimer’s Disease.

When the insulin/sugar team are rangy and homeless, with no cells to go home to, they are inflammatory. Both sugar and insulin are pro-inflammatory when in the blood stream. This chronic irritation leads to gradual vessel damage. The small vessels are the most susceptible, such as the capillaries in the eyes and in the sex organs. Diseases or conditions in those organs may result.

Number two, the sugar still has to go somewhere. The sugar ends up binding with little proteins that are roaming in the blood plasma. We call this “glycosylated end products.”  Those little clots then get laid down into our tissues. Glycosylated end products can get deposited in the skin (reducing elasticity), the joints and fascia (creating stiffness), the lungs (reducing elasticity), and they have a special affinity for the myelin sheaths (the sheathings of certain nerves).

This is why diabetics get nerve damage in their feet, from glycosylated end products that get deposited in the space between the sheath and the nerve, compressing and even killing the nerves. Compound this with the decreased circulation from the irritated blood vessels, and you have trouble.

Back to the Start

The above scenario has outlined an extreme situation that too much sugar can wreck in the body. But it does not have to be that way, so don’t be scared. We support you being in full knowledge that your diet is your greatest ally in health. Use it!

If you need help with your diet, we support you in finding professional support like our affiliated certified nutritionist, Theresa Kepple, CN, who works with people in person or remotely. And we support you in using health tools such as the ones mentioned in this article. We are on your side.

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