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What is Cranio-Sacral Therapy?

Cranio-sacral therapy was discovered and developed about 100 years ago in the field of osteopathy. William Sutherland, a mechanical engineer, had enrolled in osteopathic college for a change of career. He eventually brought forth a whole new understanding called “craniopathy”–what we know of today as “cranio-sacral therapy.”

Cranio-sacral therapists are trained to be able to perceive the subtle rolling twelve second pulse of the body.

The therapist assesses what is moving correctly, and on the other hand what is tight or restricted. Imagine that you ARE the surface of the ocean, with an ocean swell rolling slowly through your body every twelve seconds.

You would expect each part of your body to rise and fall with the fluid rhythm. But if your arm had a rope on it, tethered to a seaweed tower, it would move differently than expected…differently than the rest of the body does in the swell. Using the motion pattern assessment, the cranio-sacral therapist is able to track the aberrant motion to the exact site or sites of restriction. Then, she gently eases the tissues from their constraints.

Now imagine that you ARE a jellyfish.

Your head expands gently for 6 seconds, and then contracts for 6 seconds. This is the breath cycle of the cranio-sacral rhythm in the human. The jellyfish legs represent your neck, torso, arms and legs, and they “wag” in a sine-wave shape at the response of the head breathing.

The cranio-sacral therapist can take a contact on the body anywhere (head, back, legs) and like a puppeteer, can feel the strands of muscles and fascia, can feel how they move, and can work them loose from near or afar.

Dr. Sylvia Skefich Explains Cranio-Sacral Therapy

What Does Cranio-Sacral Therapy Feel Like?

There are various cranio-sacral release techniques which are all very gentle to experience. In fact some patients might confuse cranio-sacral therapy with “energy work” initially, because the therapist’s hands can be quite still. But the proof is in the pudding: people come back because of the pain relief which is often greatest on the following afternoon.

The therapist might use an “unwinding” technique, allowing the tissues to guide the release. This lets the tissues walk themselves out of a twist or a contracture with the therapist’s help. Or the therapist might “mold” the tight joint or muscle into release with a more direct technique which is sort of like pushing a ship; To push tight tissues with cranio-sacral therapy, the therapist must move with the tissues at the speed that the tissues “go.” The angles of release must be accurate and precise to guide the proper alignment of tissues and bone.

As subtle as the techniques feel to receive, the after-effect is more important. With improved muscle and joint alignment, the nervous system calms down, too. The stagnation turns into openness so that inflammation can be swept away. Joints are opened, and pain conditions are frequently markedly improved.

For more on the history of the cranio-sacral therapy, read on…

People come back because of the pain relief, which is often greatest on the following afternoon.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Santa Cruz: FAQs

How much does cranio-sacral therapy cost?

Therapist Rates

(Cranio-sacral therapy and massage therapy)
$90 for 55 minutes
$45 for 25 minutes
It is recommended but not required that your first visit be scheduled for 55 minutes
(Cranio-sacral therapy is generally not a covered service under health insurance.)

Dr. Skefich’s Rates

$150 for first visit (55 minutes)
$75 for follow-up visits (25 minutes)

Therapist Rates

(Cranio-sacral therapy and massage therapy)
$90 for 55 minutes
$45 for 25 minutes
It is recommended but not required that your first visit be scheduled for 55 minutes
(Cranio-sacral therapy is generally not a covered service under health insurance.)

Dr. Skefich’s Rates

$150 for first visit (55 minutes)
$75 for follow-up visits (25 minutes)

Personal Health Insurance
Dr. Skefich is no longer contracted with personal health insurance plans. If you have coverage in your plan for “out of network chiropractic” services, then we may be able to provide you with a “superbill” receipt to submit to your own insurance for reimbursement. The office does need to know this in advance so that Dr. Skefich provides you with insurance reimbursable services (such as regular or low force chiropractic) and so that she documents for diagnosis purposes.

Auto Accident and Personal Injury Claims
We accept cases where there is a “MedPay” claim open. We rarely accept “third party liens.”

Dr. Skefich is no longer accepting new Medicare cases. Medicare patients may still self-pay for cranio-sacral therapy with Dr. Skefich. In certain cases where the complaint matches the narrow scope that Medicare affords to chiropractors (which is acute spinal pain conditions and headaches only), then Dr. Skefich may offer to open a Medicare claim for you so that Medicare can pay for a portion of your visit.

Worker’s Compensation
Although Dr. Skefich can accept worker’s compensation cases, she is not in network with any plans.

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ORGONITE GEM DEVICES are thought to be electromagnetically protective, and are relied upon those who have “electromagnetic sensitivities.”

Place an orgonite device on a router, or between you and a smart meter and let the orgonite diffuse some of that negative energy. It is a fact that certain crystals placed under pressure by shrinking them in a resin will create a piezo electric current.

That current can act like a shield. You can even set your orgonite device on your phone to diffuse some energy while you are at your desk, for example. For those who are not electromagnetically sensitive, one can still admire the beauty of the orgonite devices, some of which have sacred geometry embedded in them, and are in themselves “art pieces.”

They are also said to impart the energy of the gems inside of them (such as rose quartz being the stone of unconditional love, or selenite being good for resolving insecurity). They make great gifts of beauty.

SHUNGITE is a specific stone that comes only from the Karelia region of Russia that we feature at The Better Energy Shop. When soaked in water, it imparts highly antioxidant molecules called “Fullerenes” (otherwise known as Carbon 60 or C60).

You can purchase the stones at The Better Energy Shop which you can soak in water at home. Benefits of this antioxidant keep providing!

There are brands that sell Fullerene-infused juices and oils that are very pricey compared to our shungite stones which last virtually forever.

Our stones come in an attractive spherical bottle that has an informative jeweled instruction tag. They make great gifts and conversation pieces. Imagine giving this gift at a restaurant dinner party and the ohh’s and ahh’s that would follow.

The Better Energy Shop does not make any diagnoses or claims, and is not intended as a problem-focused consultation environment except for the topics that are covered by our numerous “Healthy Protocols.”

We do have certain staff members that are licensed in Certified Nutrition. Those staff members may be hired for a consult (separate from the office of Dr. Sylvia Skefich or from The Better Energy Shop).

Or, you can schedule an in-office appointment with Dr. Skefich. As a doctor of chiropractic, she is a ‘primary treating physician’ in the state of California. She also is a graduate of the 30-hour “Foundations in Nutritional Therapy” course through the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health.

Healthy Protocols are guides on how to use the nutritional supplements, cranio-sacral therapy, and gem devices that Dr. Sylvia Skefich recommends for your healing journey.

Here’s the backstory …

Dr. Sylvia Skefich, D.C., has gathered a wealth of tried and true “Healthy Protocols” for many conditions. “Healthy Protocols” are Dr. Skefich’s recommendations on how to use supplements, oils, and cranio-sacral therapy to achieve certain goals.

Such goals may be about something less than a medical condition or disease. Many people desire their physical body to be at full vitality. People might be experiencing symptoms that they don’t need to be living with.

Natural methods often work very well when health has not gone too far “off track.” Healthy Protocols can often be used alongside other therapies that a medical doctor might prescribe. (Ask your doctors about that possibility.)

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