Want to become a doTERRA customer and take advantage of wholesale pricing?

Click here, and choose The Better Energy Shop, ID 248290, as your Wellness Advocate when you create an account.

Click “Account/create account.”

Or just order retail bottles with a phone order to our shop.”

What you get:

  • 25% discount on product
  • Earn “Loyalty Points”/credits to use to get more products
  • Shipping cost is refunded to you as “Loyalty Points”/credits for you to use on products
  • Can get “Free product of the month” *
  • You get Dr. Skefich or her team to help you with your doTERRA account or product questions

*Free Product of the Month comes when you set up a monthly autoship through LRP (Loyalty Rewards Plan). You can purchase any amount, no matter how large or small.

But if you wish the Free Product of the month, the process date must be set prior to the 15th, and the total of your order must meet $125 or more.


Looking for just a bottle or two of your favorite oils? Give us a call at 831-515-7522 and we will be happy to ship any amount of oils directly to your door.

We charge regular doTERRA retail prices when you purchase “by the bottle,” and we charge $8 shipping, no matter how large your order.