Toenail Fungus ● Heel Callouses ● Cracking Heels

What a relief to learn that specific, simple remedies can clear up these unsightly conditions. At The Better Energy Shop, we think about “appearance” as being an indicator of your underlying state of health.

TOENAIL FUNGUS  Many people have tried a range of remedies, from natural tea tree oil to oral pharmaceuticals with less than full success. Here’s the trick that works for most people most of the time: apply a thin layer of Health Concerns’ “Tamu Oil” (from the tamanu nut) with a peppermint oil base, PLUS doTerra brand tea tree (a.k.a. “Melaleuka”) oil on the top of your toenail beds. There is no need to try to get the oil blend under the toenails. The combo of these oils is what makes it work.

Apply your Melaleuca + Tamu Oil twice per day (religiously) for 6 months to observe if the remedy is starting to work for you. It can take 9 months for toenails to grow out. You will likely see the nailbed grow out “clean.” (You will not see a reversal of the damage that already exists.) In the rare case that this remedy does not make a change when used as indicated, it points to a fungal problem of a systemic nature. In that case, please contact The Better Energy Shop, or the Office of Sylvia Skefich, D.C. for consultation on our remedy for simple systemic fungus. “Systemic fungus” means that fungus cells are roaming throughout the body. Therefore, fungus keeps re-seeding the nailbed faster than the killing occurs.

HEEL CALLOUSES can slough off on their own when vitamin D is taken 3X per day. Even large doses of vitamin D taken 1X per day may not do the trick in regard to the heel callous problem. Keep the blood rich with this nutrient—a nutrient that has a lot to do with tissue calcium transport to the tissues.

Because taking anything 3X per day can be inconvenient, The Better Energy Shop recommends taking Apex Energetics’ Liqua-D (liquid vitamin D concentrated drops). Liqua-D is a small .5 ounce bottle that can be carried (upright, and recommended in a baggie) in a small pocket of a purse. It is an inexpensive product, so a person can have one bottle at home, and one at the office for convenience. Just one drop gives 2000 IU’s of vitamin D3. Take two to three drops of Liqua-D 3X per day for 4 months before you decide if this works for you. As you bathe or shower, you will likely find that your heel callouses come off gradually with light rubbing. As an added benefit, vitamin D supplementation is strongly associated with bone health, and with decreased incidences of most cancers. It also has been found to fight inflammation and to help normal T-cell immune function.

CRACKING HEELS are often a sign of vitamin E deficiency. Cracking at the corners of the mouth indicates the same thing. Vitamin E sources, however, are almost all synthetically sourced. Many health-conscious people want their food and supplements to be natural. At The Better Energy Shop, we offer Standard Process brand “Wheat Germ Oil Fortified.” You will not see a high number of IU’s of vitamin E for each pill reported on the bottle. But that’s because this is a whole food product. The body understands how to assimilate whole foods, with the full array of enzymes and co-factors naturally present. Take four pills per day of Fortified Wheat Germ Oil for 5 months before deciding how well it works for you.

Although Wheat Germ Oil Fortified is officially glute-free by standards of the industry, some who are gluten sensitive still fear or report reactions from the oil. The Better Energy Shop also carries gluten-free Cataplex E for a non-synthetic source of vitamin E in dry tab form. Take three pills per day of either vitamin E version mentioned for a maintenance dose, and six per day if you are working on a deficiency issue as described above.

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