Gemstones with their numerous properties have been utilized across the world for centuries. Today, they are considered a versatile tool for amplifying positive energy within New Age spirituality as well as in ancient traditions. If you’ve ever felt drawn to a particular stone or crystal and wanted to learn more about the benefits it may offer you, you’re in luck.


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In this simple guide, we discuss some of the most popular gemstones: Amethyst, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, and Labradorite, and we go over the benefits that each may offer you. For all of the things that you need to know about adding gemstones to your wellness arsenal, read on and discover the five things you didn’t know about gemstones!  




Amethyst: Wellness and Protection  


Amethyst is a purple and clear gemstone that can aid in different aspects of harmonizing the physical and emotional self. From the physical side of things, amethyst is said to reduce migraines, enhance the skin’s appearance, strengthen the immune system, and regulate the digestive system. Amethyst may help you emotionally by regulating your hormones and cleansing the spirit with a sense of protection and intuitive guidance. 


The purple and red tones represent the purity of spirit . The “fire” of amethyst makes it a “heart” stone of the fourth chakra. As the fire goes upwards, it brings your heart’s highest and best desires into manifestation. The orgonite pyramid of amethyst is currently on sale and aids in amethyst expression by balancing its energy in the environment.  



2. Carnelian: Success and Personal Strength  


A vibrant, orange-red gemstone used in ancient Egypt to encourage success and achievement, Carnelian stones promote personal motivation, courage, and lasting resilience. Carnelian is excellent for promoting self-confidence and inner trust during seasonal changes, major life decisions, and times of genuine hardship. Use the fiery element of Carnelian to burn your brightest and push forward to achieve success and personal fulfillment [2]. The orgonite pyramid of Carnelian is currently on sale and aids in carnelian expression by balancing its energy in the environment.  




3. Tiger’s Eye: Mental Focus and Clarity  


Appropriately named, Tiger’s Eye is a gemstone that promotes clear seeing, clear thinking, and improved focus. If you have a personal problem you need to think your way through, use Tiger’s Eye to promote mental clarity and to focus your mind. Those who struggle to manage their emotions may feel protected with Tiger’s Eye as it may dispel the intensity of emotions and make it easier to think through things without the hindrance of strong emotions such as fear or anxiety [3]. You can also wear Tiger’s Eye if you have a big exam or project coming up that requires your attention! The orgonite pyramid of tiger’s eye is currently on sale and aids in Tiger’s Eye expression by balancing its energy in the environment. 



4. Labradorite: Good For The Brain and Gut


From probiotics and ketogenic diet research, science continues to accumulate evidence that the gut and the brain are linked. Labradorite propels positive energy in both of these areas for amplified wellness of these two linked systems. Historically, people have used labradorite to help relieve disorders of the brain and the digestive system, to decrease symptoms of anxiety and stress, as well as their physical consequences. This gemstone does a lot. You may also experience relief of headaches and less falling ill to seasonal colds less frequently with labradorite by their side. Labradorite is used to aid deep meditation and is considered a powerful protector.


The orgonite pyramid of labradorite is currently on sale and aids in Labradorite’s expression by balancing its energy in the environment.



5. Stone Types and Pyramids  


Just as different people are drawn to different gemstones, each of these stones is also unique in that they all correlate with their own stone types. Here, you can find orgonite pyramids available in solid pyramids, with quartz crystal on top, pyramids with sacred geometry emblems (such as the flower of life), and the crystal on top, and demi-sized pyramids. 


Generally speaking, pyramids amplify the properties of the stone due to the sacred geometry of the pyramid and the amplifying quartz crystal on top. In a nutshell, you can think of pyramids as additional tools that fuel the energy of your gemstones so that you can harness more goodness from them.  




The Main Takeaway on the Powers Gemstones


If you really want to optimize the benefits you receive from your gemstones, we highly recommend checking out these stones and tools! 


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As a disclaimer, gem energy is not intended to diagnose or cure any condition or disease. Gem energy can be used as a supplement to any doctor’s advice.  




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