People who may wish to put particular attention to their immune system include people who get sick frequently, people who work around other people a lot (especially around children), and those people who have any autoimmune condition. There are also seasonal and other reasons to pay attention to immune health.

There are three commonly known supplements that are clinically proven to help the immune system.

Each of these three supplements will:

  1. “Down-regulates” inflammation. This means that these supplements turn the dimmer switch DOWN on the “fire” in the cells that is inflammation.
  2. “Modulates” normal T-cell activity. This means that these supplements turn the dimmer switch UP on normal immune cell activity without stimulating hyperactivity of the T-cells (which could harm those people with autoimmune conditions).
  3. Provides anti-oxidant protection. This means that these vitamins/substances are free radical scavengers, cleaning up the chemical mess and damaged cells that come from inflammation of any cause.


The below supplements make the body “smarter,” as far as the immune system is concerned.

  1. Vitamin D. Dr. Skefich, chiropractor, recommends Liqua-D by Apex Energetics–a D3 concentrate. Each drop contains 1000 IU of D3. To take vitamin D three times per day works even better, and keeps the blood rich with the D. Think of vitamin D like the sun. In nature, a person would have sun exposure off and on throughout the day, and not power packed concentrated in one fell swoop. Take 1-2 drops 3X per day, spread throughout the day.
  2. Vitamin A. We prefer Apex Energetics’ Liqua-A. Just two drops per day provides 5000 IU of a water soluble, non-toxic form of vitamin A. Vitamin A is said to be better at fighting colds than is vitamin C, in fact!
  3. Glutathione. Dr. Skefich likes Apex Energetics brand for their purity and effectiveness. She recommends either the liquid Trizomal Glutathione or the AC Glutathione pills products. Take as recommended on the bottle.

Dr. Skefich also carries Apex’s AD-Pro which has 8000 IU of water soluble vitamin A and 3000 IU of vitamin D3. There is also an ADEK-Pro product by Apex Energetics for those who want a spectrum of fat soluble vitamins which help with bone density and proper calcium deposition into bones and teeth, and not into the soft tissues.

Give it a try. Use one or more of the above supplements regularly for a few months and see if you notice a difference.

You might notice that you did not get your normal cold in the winter time, for example. Or you might notice that your autoimmune symptoms seem milder than you are used to, if you have such a condition. Your allergy symptoms could improve.

Even if you have no low immunity issue, you may still benefit from vitamins A and D or glutathione supplementation. Vitamin D is associated with decreased incidences of all cancers except for colon cancer. Despite D not helping colon cancer incidence, vitamin D supplementation taken 3X per day can decrease hemorrhoids. Vitamin A is good for the eyes. And glutathione is a very powerful anti-oxidant and so is used as a cancer support.

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Disclaimer: Vitamin A, D and glutathione are recommended as tissue and immune support and are not a guarantee of wellness or treatment for any medical condition.

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