Jade is the stone that helps to gather energy into harmonic channels.

When loose-ends are gathered, and when stray energy is channeled into natural flows, then there is simplicity with abundance. Good luck and the dispelling of negativity are associated with jade stones. TinyRituals.com says that jade is the stone of confidence, acceptance, and good health and that anyone who wears it should get ready for “lashings” of good luck.

“Jade” is a name that is used for two distinct stones, Nephrite and Jadeite which are distinctly different in composition, but similar in appearance. The jadeite is less common, and therefore more valued. Imperial jade is the most prized, and is associated with improving dysfunctional relationships and in alleviating self-loathing, and improving self-esteem.

Jade stone is a stone of the heart chakra.

It is said to balance the heart both physically and emotionally. TheSpruce.com talks about jade as being the stone of purity and purification because jade protects the heart chakra. The stone has “sweet” energy. With jade around, physically, heart rhythms may improve.

In regard to your emotional heart, you can think of the heart as having an aperture on it that can open and funnel in that which is desired. The aperture can close in order to deflect that which is not desirable or appropriate.

If the heart chakra is imbalanced and does not work automatically with effortless ease, then willpower and controlling-ness can take over as compensation which can lead to other types of social imbalances.

On the other hand, a person with an imbalanced heart chakra may feel controlled too easily. Jade helps to balance both of these problems. This may be why CrystalAndJewelry.com says the spiritual meaning of jade is longevity and wisdom.

Jade has gentle organizing energy, like water trickling into rivulets.

Nothing needs to be done: the water just finds the path of least resistance and then flows there. It is a stone that generates calm amidst the chaos. It can even be helpful for calming tempestuous family members, especially the young ones. Jade supports the energy of both the young and the old, particularly, collecting even-keeled vigor.

People may choose to have jade pyramids–called “Jade orgonite gem device”–around their homes and workplaces, to remind them of, and to amplify all the positive attributes of jade. The resin pyramid is a sacred geometry shape, which is thought to amplify the qualities of the jade stone within it.

There is a quartz crystal placed at the point of the pyramid (and quartz also has “amplifying” characteristics). The metals bits and spirals put out light (photon) energy when compressed in resin like this, in close proximity to other metal bits.

Jade Orgonite Gemstone Device

With the calm ground that jade engenders, spiritual realizations can come forth.

The dream world is enhanced and the meanings of dreams are more clearly realized with jade to help. Friendships express their true harmony better, as well.

Although the stone is a heart chakra stone, historically speaking and across many cultures, jade is said to help kidney and genito-urinary organs. Jade is said to help unblock kidney gravel, and to balance the fluids of elimination and filtration. It is also good to strengthen bones, help the hip joints, and soften cramping issues.

The jade stone has been known and used in ancient times for axes and tools in the primitive British Isles. Jade is also found in Central and South America and in New Zealand. Jade is a favored semi-precious stone in China where it is considered auspicious, for protection, and for abundance.

EnergyMuse.com talks about how if a person feels that their path to abundance and wealth is blocked, they should choose to be around the jade stone. Its importance in China cannot be overstated, having been used historically and contemporarily for ritualistic purposes, artistic carvings, jewelry, and for the accumulation of wealth.

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