Whether you see them growing naturally in the forest or you are eating a giant Portobello mushroom cap burger, everyone has very likely seen, smelled, or eaten some kind of mushroom over the course of their lives. You may love them or hate them, but the reality is that they are one of the most powerful organisms on the planet! What many people are unaware of is the true power of the mushroom, both ecologically and nutritionally.

In the wild, the mycelium plant is the underground organism that sprouts the flower that people consume (the mushroom itself). Mycelium nourishes the soil and natural ecosystems of locations all over the world, and there are thousands of species of mycelium throughout the globe. Other plants which grow around them are able to prosper and flourish thanks to mycelium as well as the other stages of the mushroom’s life cycle. Without this valuable plant, life on Earth may not even be possible.

Just as the mycelium sustains the life of the soil around it, so too do certain mushroom types provide extremely potent and valuable health effects to humans. Beneficial mycelium strains are among the most powerful immune system boosters that modern science is aware of, and those who consume these mushrooms on a regular basis may have a stronger immune system than those who do not.

It is worth noting that not all mushrooms should be consumed, and it takes advanced training to know and recognize which mushrooms are beneficial and which are poisonous when out in the wild. (Some poisonous mushrooms look very similar to those that are not.) The mushroom species found in Mushroom Power Supreme, however, are all extremely healthy and beneficial to the human body, so it is highly recommended that individuals take this supplement on a daily basis.

Several different species of mushrooms have been collected at special timings in their life cycle and extracted into an immune formula called Mushroom Power Supreme. At The Better Energy Shop, we are proud to offer our clients this exceptional nutritional supplement amongst our herbal products.

What Is Mushroom Power Supreme?

Mushroom Power Supreme is a combination of extractions from 9 different mushrooms at various stages of their life cycle to ensure overall immune system vitality. The mushrooms present in our formula include Cordyceps Sinensis, Reishi, Agaricus Blazei, Maitake, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, and Immune Assist.

The formula for this supplement is incredibly powerful because of the fact that the mushroom extraction technology is used at all stages of the fungal development process. From mycelium to primordia, the mushroom provides a variety of benefits at all stages of its growth, and we understand the value of each growth phase. With the combination of species and life cycle stages, you can rest assured that you are getting the most effective benefit from this supplement.

What Does Mushroom Power Supreme Do for Immune System Vitality?

The use of herbs and plants for their health benefits such as those extracted from medicinal mushrooms has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Western medicine has finally discovered these benefits, and people all over the United States are taking advantage.

When it comes to immune system health and vitality, Mushroom Power Supreme is one of the best choices to assure improved health when consumed internally. With our formula, the following benefits are common among those who take the supplement on a daily basis:

  • Increase in killer T-cell count
  • Higher white blood cell count
  • Purification of the blood
  • Boosted overall immune system vitality

Very few herbal products and supplements are able to provide so many great advantages to consumers. Contact your health care professional before beginning any regimen of supplements to ensure you will not have any allergic responses and that your body is ready for this type of herbal product.

Benefits of Mushroom Power Supreme

In addition to all of the great benefits to your body’s natural immunity, Mushroom Power Supreme can also offer the following advantages:

  • Antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial
  • Stress relief
  • Calming of allergic responses
  • Proper modulation of blood pressure, hypertension, blood sugar, diabetes, and the body’s oxygen utilization
  • Circulatory support
  • Memory support
  • Antioxidant and detoxifying properties
  • Ability to correct toxic overload (based on liver and kidney studies)
  • Support for endocrine system

When it comes to your body’s overall health and vitality, it can be difficult to get all of the support you need from foods alone. Unless you are extremely conscious of the vitamins and minerals present in your food, you may not know if you are getting the recommended daily dose of these essential items. That is where supplements from herbal products come in.

Investing in herbal supplements such as Mushroom Power Supreme can help to prevent a health problem from the beginning or getting worse. You may see improvement in cognitive function, and these supplements offer circulatory support. Herbal supplements take in the nutrients from the natural world and allow the human body to reap the benefits.

While they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, they certainly have many health benefits that people should take advantage of.

Contact Us for More Information on Better Modulation of Your Blood Sugar with Mushroom Power Supreme

If you are an individual looking for an herbal supplement that can provide you with a wide spectrum of health benefits that you may not be able to get from your food consumption alone, Mushroom Power Supreme may be the herbal product for you.

At The Better Energy Shop, we are more than happy to discuss with you the many advantages of Mushroom Power Supreme as well as the way in which it is grown, harvested, and extracted. They are certified organic and are grown on an organic sorghum culture. The supplement uses multiple varieties of medicinal mushrooms, and this vegetarian formula is the cutting edge of disease prevention and immune-boosting.

It is very rare to find so many exceptional benefits in one supplement, and our team at The Better Energy Shop can help you identify all of the many advantages present in Mushroom Power Supreme. Order your bottle of 600mg vegicaps (120 count) here!