Orgonite gem devices are magical little pyramids of nature-energy. People all over the world are appreciating these beautiful and useful gem devices. At The Better Energy Shop, we commission our orgonite pyramids from a maker in India. We also carry American made orgonite pyramids and pendants by Lite The Light.

Michelle Hood, the artist behind Lite the Light is very sensitive to gems and stones, and she “asks” the stones if they want to be enlisted for service within the pyramids.  If the gem does not give off the vibe of being happy about going into an orgonite pyramid, then Michelle does not use that gem for that purpose.

Rose quartz is historically thought of as the “heal all”–for hearts, and body complaints

One reason why people choose their orgonite pyramids is for beauty and aesthetic resonance.

Many orgonite pyramids are actually art pieces. Other orgonite devices are more “standard style.” All are attractive, and each piece has gems that can “speak” to a person who is interested in that gem’s properties.

This brings us to another reason why people buy orgonite gem devices: for the “gem properties.” In every culture, and in every era, gems and stones have been known to have “powers,” or properties. Even celebrities are openly discussing their affinity to gemstones for the purpose of emotional and energetic wellbeing, like in this article featured in The Cut called “25 Famous People on Crystals.”

Here is an interesting interview with Alanis Morrissette that is a fun discussion between Michelle Hood of Lite The Light, and Alanis Morissette about Alanis’ affinity and love for the orgonite gem pyramids.

Clear quartz is an “amplifier” of the intent of the holder. It also has the piezo electric current, making it an energy shield

Another reason why people rely on orgonite gem devices is for the “shielding” they offer from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

The black tourmaline and the clear quartz crystal have a unique “piezo electric” property whereby they emit an actual electric field when under pressure—an effect of the dried resin pyramids. Also, the metal bits in the orgonite emit actual photons (light) under such pressure. So people can use the black tourmaline and clear quartz crystal pyramids to “block” some harmful radiation and to get a little relief from this “nature shield.” (Put one on your cell phone when you are at rest, for example.)

When choosing your own orgonite pyramid, a person may have trouble deciding which one they like the best. The options are many!…jade, purple amethyst, beautiful white selenite … just to name a few.

Although our pricepoint is very reasonable, a person may need to narrow their choice to just one, or two, or three devices. In The Better Energy Shop, our helpful staff interacts with people to find out what the spiritual, emotional, social or professional goals might be…. Where might there be a weakness that can turn into a strength? What issues might come up repeatedly in life for this person? The gems have properties that can balance those forces.

We encourage people to interact with the devices, too; to pick up an orgonite pyramid and hold it in one’s hands and even up to one’s body, well, that is a different experience than just to look at and to talk about the properties of the device.

Like with many other things in life, the “gut” knows what is best. People often find themselves gravitating to one particular gem device…such as lapis lazuli  (the “speak your truth” stone), or labradorite (the “powerful protector”), or rose quartz (”all heal” and “unconditional love”). Your immediate felt impulse can usually be trusted with the gems.

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