Tuna Omega-3 Oil As An Anti-inflammatory For The Joints

Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory condition of a joint. It occurs where there has been pressure on a joint over time. Osteoarthritis also commonly occurs in the joints that do a lot of “work,” like the fingers and various parts of the spine. (Rheumatoid arthritis, also commonly in the hands and spine is a different condition.)

Areas of high postural tension like the low back are subject to pressure conditions that can lead to osteoarthritis. The pressure on the bones leads to stagnation in the circulation. The stagnation initiates a process of change in the joint. The joint eventually starts to build up bone matter outside of the bone to strengthen itself. The process can lead to painful, achy joints, and the classic feeling of “stiffness,” especially first thing in the morning. The area usually feels better as a person moves throughout the day.

At The Better Energy Shop, we understand that inflammation can be changed with diet and with nutritional supplements. “Tuna Omega-3 Oil” by Standard Process is a whole food omega-3 fish oil product. Omega-3’s are proven to be “anti-inflammatory.” Most fish oil products on the market have been chemically fractionated to take out parts of the oil, and then recombined to increase the proportion of other parts of the oil that are more associated with anti-inflammatory effects. Basically, they take apart the oil and put it back together again differently. Such products are no longer “natural” food with natural harmonic ratios.

Nature is all about perfect balance and perfect proportions. Just think of a tree and how the roots are perfectly suited to carry and balance the weight of the trunk and crown. Dietary chemistry is the same way. There are natural co-factors and enzymes that are in perfect balance to aid the digestion of the very foods we consume. Natural foods also come in natural ratios of proteins-to fats, fats-to carbs, etc. To take a natural balance apart, and to assume we can put it back together again “better” may be a false assumption for general practice.

Standard Process’ Tuna Omega-3 Oil is naturally effective for pain relief. It has not been taken apart and put back together at all. Instead, Tuna Omega-3 Oil is made only from the cheeks of the tuna which is the area of the fish to be uniquely high in anti-inflammatory properties.

Because it is a food, you can even put it in your cat’s or dog’s food and notice the difference in your pet’s movements and expressions of joint pain (or lack of it).

For humans, take 2 Perles, 2X per day with food. People often notice a difference within a few weeks or less. Omega-3 acids are thought to be useful with heart health (due to the positive effect on keeping down inflammation), brain health, and cognition, as well.

Notes: 1. Standard Process’ Tuna Omega-3 Oil has been third-party tested for purity. It does not contain mercury. 2. If you have had gallbladder removal, you will not assimilate fats well without additional nutritional support in the form of lipase enzyme or bile salts. Consult The Better Energy Shop, or Dr. Sylvia Skefich, chiropractor, in Santa Cruz if you would like to take Tuna Omega-3 Oil and you have no gallbladder. We would like to see that you assimilate your healthy fats.

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