Intramax is a quality liquid multi-vitamin and mineral support. At The Better Energy Shop, Dr. Skefich, chiropractor, has found that Intramax is the best product to turn around the “tired and wired” feeling that can plague some people for weeks, months, or even years. “Tired and wired” refers to the feeling that you are keyed up, but with a persistent level of exhaustion that does not respond to sleep. In fact, sleep may be of poor quality, with an inability to go into those deep places where rejuvenation lies.

There are many reasons for fatigue, and this flyer is in no way an attempt to diagnose your reason. But a COMMON reason is what is called “sympathetic dominance.” Sympathetic dominance is when the nervous system has been wound up from stress for so long that the nervous system gets depleted of the minerals that make it “go.” The nervous system has used up all its nerve food, simply put, like a sputtering car out of gas.

Certain minerals will restore this condition, but not just any mineral product will do. Different minerals have different effects. Some work as the gas pedal to the nervous system, while others work as the brake pedal, so to speak.

Let’s take it back to the sympathetic nervous system. The “sympathetics” is the part of the nervous system that responds to stress. It gives us a healthy pep and responsivity when it is not overly strained. Then there is the other half of the teeter-totter: the “parasympathetics.” The parasympathetics rule rest and digest functions. After we have responded to a stressful moment using the functions of the sympathetic, then the parasympathetics should naturally kick in and toggle that switch back to “rest and digest” again. But some people can’t do that anymore. They are habituated to stress.

If a person has been stressed out for a long time, then the minerals and nutrients that run the sympathetics get depleted, and the teeter-totter gets stuck in the stress zone out of habit, but with no gas. Intramax puts in the gas and unsticks the teeter-totter. Intramax has a specific array of micronized minerals and B vitamins that the nervous system needs for restoration and balance. Other vitamin formulas are not likely to have this same rejuvenating effect for the “tired and wired” people.

Most people only need to take Intramax for a month or two for the purposes of the “tired and wired” condition. After shaking the bottle, you take ½ ounce, twice per day about 15 minutes before a meal. If that timing is not happening in your lifestyle, just get an ounce down at some point in your day. Keep refrigerated. And that’s it!

Many people will begin to feel themselves calm down and strengthen, regaining a sense of inner balance within days to a week. If after a month of taking Intramax daily you feel no change then Intramax may not be your helper. But don’t give up your quest for wellness; There is a reason for your exhaustion. You may need to consult a health care professional. For example, Dr. Skefich has methods to sleuth out the source of ailments of fatigue and nervousness and fatigue. Short of that, you can also try adding the additional supplement of Standard Process’ Trace Minerals B12 (that exact product) which is designed to strengthen the parasympathetics. With two pills per day, along with the Intramax, the people who responded with that show that they needed help to restore their “rest and digest” functions as much as their stress functions.

If even that is no help, then see Dr. Skefich’s article for the dysregulated nervous system/adrenal system. This kind of fatigue is one step further in its dysfunction than is the “Tired and Wired” or the Tired and Wired with depleted parasympathetics. The Better Back and Body shop handout called “Adaptogens” is Dr. Skefich’s article on that.

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