We recommend Calcifood Wafers for helping with osteoporosis and bone breaks.

“Calcifood Wafers” is whole food raw calcium supplement from Standard Process. Importantly, it includes the bone marrow—the part with the growth factors. The term, “raw” means that it has never been heated above 200 degrees. The enzymes are still active.

This supplement is great for bone and teeth building and bone repair. Break a bone? Take Calcifood Wafers. Have osteoporosis or osteopenia? Take Calcifood Wafers. Suspecting poor calcium density in your teeth? Take Calcifood Wafers.

Dr. Skefich, chiropractor, first appreciated the benefits of Calcifood Wafers after having had a long period of stress. Then Dr. Skefich noticed her teeth were looking translucent. They had the characteristic appearance that certain older people have: There was a horizontal demarcation halfway down the height of her front teeth, the lower portion being a translucent gray color, indicating a loss of bone density. This was a look that was alarming to Dr. Skefich, and she decided to do something about it.

Dr. Skefich immediately started taking Calcifood Wafers—raw bone meal with raw marrow. It did not take long before she noticed a feeling of “plumping-up” in her teeth. It was subtle but unmistakable. Then within a few months her teeth looked normal again–white, dense, healthy, and bright.

Today, Dr. Skefich recommends Calcifood Wafers for osteoporosis, osteopenia (a bone loss condition less than osteoporosis), teeth calcium maintenance, and to speed the recovery of bone break injuries. (Also see the WHITEE patches handout called “Bad Sprains, Strains and Bone Breaks” for another helpful recovery tool for bone breaks.)

Calcifood Wafers Dosages

Chew 2 Calcifood Wafers per day with food for maintenance and for wellness purposes. Chew 3-4 Calcifood Wafers per day in the case of bone breaks or bone loss. Of course, you should consult with your medical professional too, under the circumstances of having a medical condition like a bone break or osteoporosis.

There is a big difference in absorbability between the different calcium sources. You never want to use calcium supplements made with calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is basically “rock” and is not very absorbable (though it may be good for neutralizing stomach acids in the case of heartburn). Calcium carbonate is also inexpensive….Brands that identify with a low price points often use this lesser quality calcium source.

How do you choose!?

There are many absorbable forms of calcium, including calcium citrate, calcium lactate, calcium malate, and others. How do you choose!? Each type does have certain properties and benefits, which is a longer discussion than this page can outline.

Generally speaking, and if there is no other special factors to consider, then Calcifood Wafers is the most natural option to take.

Calcifood Wafers is whole raw bone with raw marrow (and a few other added ingredients as binders such as defatted wheat germ, honey and date). The marrow is an important part of the functioning of this nutrient.

It is interesting to know that the long-ago study that determined how much calcium a person should take (thought to be about 1200 mg per day) were done with calcium carbonate—the less absorbable calcium source. If one takes an actual absorbable source of calcium, then less is needed (only about 600 mg per day). Balancing with more magnesium than calcium, proportionately, is recommended (see Magnesium for Bones and Heart page).

This formula is not gluten free, nor is it vegetarian.

For people who are gluten free, you may substitute with Calcium Lactate from Standard Process. It is gluten free and dairy free. (The “lactate” has nothing to do with “lactose.”) This calcium source is a much simpler formula of supplement, and contains no marrow and therefore less binders.

Calcium lactate is, chemically speaking, the closest calcium to “blood calcium” that is possible in supplement form. The last person who Dr. Skefich recommended this product to for the translucent teeth problem recently said: “My teeth are almost all filled up! I need another bottle. Make it two.”

** This formula is not gluten free, nor is it vegetarian.

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