“Probiotic” bacteria help to restore the chemistry in the gut which supports the gut and whole body function.

Probiotics are “good” bacteria that should naturally populate the gut of persons who have a good diet. The good bacteria of our gut love to eat and reside in the fiber of the vegetables that we eat.

We know that healthy flora comes from fermented foods like yogurt, miso soup, kimchee, saur kraut, tempeh, and kefir. In pre-industrial times, humans ate a lot of food with natural bacteria in it. This was because the food was stored on the ground or in leaves, or foraged for on the earth, or prepared in ways that did not include our sanitary standards, or was outright fermented.

Today, although we benefit from the sanitary aspect of modern food production and storage in many important ways, we miss out on the constant stream of beneficial flora coming in from our food.

There are quite a number of healthful strains of bacteria that might live naturally in the gut.

One thing that people can do for their health is to take one teaspoon of probiotic food (such as those aforementioned) with each meal. Many people prefer to take a probiotic supplement though. Why? Because supplements are convenient, easy to remember, portable for eating out, and portable for travel. The dosing is also easily reproducible in those cases where people are taking the supplement to improve a symptom or condition.

What are the benefits of taking probiotic supplements?

People report less gas and bloating more comfortable and healthy appearing bowel movements, and so much more. The other benefits —such as improved mood, improved skin, improved hormonal symptoms, … well, it’s due to the helpful chemistry that the probiotic organisms create in us.

The gut is a chemical factory for our body.

There are more bacteria in the gut than there are cells in our entire body—by a lot! Each bacteria cell is peeing, so to speak, and you want that pee to be helpful to your chemistry and not toxic to your body. Healthful probiotics have been shown to support liver detoxification, to decrease bad candida yeasts,  whereas the “bad” bacteria only pee out stuff that is toxic to us and to our “good” bacteria.

You can create a good flora colony in your gut and therefore a good chemical factory in your body by taking a probiotic supplement daily.

Eat a variety of vegetables each day and it will improve your results in almost every case. You will also benefit by minimizing sugars, synthetic ingredients, and processed grains and flours. See more about the balance of your gut flora types in our page under Healthy Protocols on this website called “Addicted to Sugar” even if you are not addicted to sugar.

We offer two probiotic supplements among the overwhelming number of options available out there: Strengtia™ and Primal Defense. Over Dr. Skefich’s 20-plus years of practice within chiropractic, she allows products to stay in her shop based on how well they do for her patients. Only the ones with a good track record get to stay. Strengtia™ is one of her biggest sellers of all of her products and has pushed out the lesser probiotic options that Dr. Skefich used to carry.

Strengtia™ is from Apex Energetics.

It has among its probiotic blend:

  1. beneficial acidophilus
  2. a healthy yeast to drive out the bad yeasts
  3. a probiotic strain that is thought to drive out bad bacteria
  4. a polysaccharide which is a natural food (or “pre-biotic”) that the “good” bacteria like to consume.

Strengtia™ does not to be refrigerated, nor does Primal Defense.

Probiotics that need refrigeration will not survive past the stomach’s acidity very well. This is not to say that probiotics that need refrigeration don’t “work” at all…in fact, it is the “pee” or exudates in the product (which was mentioned earlier in this article) that make the product somewhat effective despite the fact that most of the organisms die. But the organisms in Strengtia™ will make it past the stomach’s acidity to increase the beneficial effects.

Primal Defense®

This product is a blend of 13 healthful strains of bacteria including two strains of soil organisms. Primal Defense is fermented in a soil matrix, which is unique. This makes it a safe facsimile of the naturally occurring soil-touched foods of the old days which were replete with helpful organisms.

These are the organisms that our gut counted on for normal functioning. People have reported many benefits of taking Primal Defense to Dr. Skefich, from improved digestion, decreased or eliminated allergy symptoms, and a stronger immune system.

Disclaimer: Apex Energetics and Garden of Life, the manufacturers of Strengtia™ and Primal Defense® probiotic supplements (respectively) make no claims that their products can cure or help any medical condition.

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