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Aventurine Orgonite Gem Device


Size varies from 6.5-7.5 cm square at the bottom.

These are handmade objects. Feel free to inquire on other gem pyramid types not yet online at thebetterenergyshop@gmail .com


Orgone Energy Gem Device

Due to its ability to strengthen heart energy in a measured way, an aventurine orgone energy gem device is particularly good for elderly and older people to support the heart chakra in love relationships.

Some call it “the stone of opportunity.” Think about it this way… if an aventurine orgone energy gem device is a dissolver of blockages, then it is going to open the way of opportunity. Therefore, negative imprints that a person may carry or generate are dissolved, and then good energy can move in to take the place of the old energy. It is even said that, since aventurine is the luckiest of all the stones, it has the ability to actually align opportunities that are on the outside of us even more readily, aiding “manifestation.” This includes manifesting opportunities of the heart, financial opportunities, and creative endeavors, too.

Perseverance and confidence are among the qualities thought to be enhanced by the aventurine orgone energy gem device because going forward without obstacles brings momentum and generates a forward, unblocked, and moving energy.

The organs associated with green aventurine are the heart, the lungs, and the liver. Green aventurine is associated with: the heart chakra, earth, nature, growth, soothing energy, optimism, humor, balance, love, and manifestation. It is said to be the “luckiest” of all stones.


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Disclaimer: Gem energy should never replace medical care or diagnosis. This article outlines historically understood properties and does not replace medical diagnosis, advisement, or treatments.

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