CuraPro (750 mg) by EuroMedica

by EuroMedica
(120 softgels)

The anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric are now widely known. What is not so well known is how the compounds in turmeric must be “activated” in order to make them bioavailable. Simply cooking with lots of turmeric, for example, is not going to have near the same potency of effect as taking a supplement. Good brands of supplements have  isolated the active part of the turmeric root, called “curcumin,” and has also activated the curcumin with something that allows your body to use the healthy molecules.
Piperine, an isolate of the black pepper fruit, is commonly the activating agent in many turmeric supplements today. Piperine has a significant risk of adverse reaction to certain pharmaceutical drugs, however.
EuroMedica has found that the essential oil of turmeric works even better than piperine to unlock and enhance and activate the beneficial effects of the curcumin. EuroMedica has a patented turmeric oil called BCM-95.
BCM-95 increases the bioavailability and the absorbability of turmeric by about 700% and it also increases the retention time in the blood. CuraPro with BCM-95 is more potent–in fact 500X more powerful in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects than the turmeric root itself, 
CuraPro may have anti-cancer benefits, too. (This statement is not a claim to cure cancer.)
NOTE: Another cell support for people who have cancer is PectaSol. Call Dr. Sylvia Skefich, chiropractor’s office if you wish to place a phone order for PectaSol or CuraPro and PectaSol at 831-475-1995 because we do not as yet have PectaSol online.