Great Plains Bentonite Detox — Bentonite Clay


by Yerba Prima

18 fluid ounces


Bentonite clay must be soaked for 24 hours to become magnetic, so Great Plains Bentonite Detox is a convenient choice of pre-hydrated bentonite clay. Refrigerate after opening.

Due to the magnetic property of bentonite clay and its high surface area, this clay has a great ability to draw toxins to it and to lock them in for safe removal (whether used internally or externally).

The absorptive surface area of just one tablespoon of this clay product is over 8,100 square feet in one tablespoon serving. To quote Yerba Prima: “To put that in perspective, the total surface area to grab unwanted substances in one tablespoon serving is more than the floor surface area of four average size 2,000 square foot homes.”

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