Immune Extra (Scotch Pine Cone Extract)

by Allera
60 vegan capsules

Pine cones were originally found to have beneficial effects long ago in Japan. Since then, Allera has studied and developed a pine cone extract over the course of 15 years, and have named the potent extract “ProLigna® .” Immune Extra is capsules of ProLigna pine cone extract made with non GMO and wildcrafted Scotch pine trees. The product is proven to increase a healthy antibody response none-fold within nine days of use, with just one per day.
There is reason to believe that the consumption of Immune Extra can actually affect the way that viruses work in the human body, making them less effective in how the viruses attach or get into the cells.
On top of that, use of Immune Extra absolutely stimulates dendritic cells which in turn migrate to immune glands and organs and “turn on” lymphocytes. This is a big boost to the immune system.
Immune Extra is used by some people to add protection against cold and flu viruses.
The product is also used for seasonal allergy support. You can use up to three capsules per day for short term seasonal support.
People have relied on Immune Extra for calming common digestive disturbances, such as non-medical food poisoning situations. In this case, you would use one pill every 15 minutes for an hour and a half, then one pill per hour for another 4 hours. Go to the doctor if symptoms do not abate with use.
Immune Extra can calm an ongoing gassy gut by helping to balance out the gut flora. Use two total per day, spread out, for this purpose.