ImmuneExtra Scotch Pine Cone Extract

by Allera
(60 vegan capsules)

ImmuneExtra is an exquisite one-a-day product with proven effects to enhance your immune system. The benefits of pine cone extract were discovered in ancient Japan. Now, Allera has studied and patented Proligna® which has been shown to increase a healthy white blood cell activity within just 9 days of use.
This is a product that is suitable for those with dietary restrictions, being free of sugar, dairy, wheat, nuts, colors, yeast, or animal products. It has no known toxicity if taken at higher doses.
Dr. Skefich has recommended this product for many years, at a dose of one capsule per 15 minutes for food poisoning symptoms. It is possible to stop the symptoms of food poisoning in its tracks, although this statement is not a guarantee. (If your food poisoning symptoms do not subside with use of Immune Extra, or there is blood in the stool or dehydration, take yourself to the medical doctor.)
Dr. Skefich, chiropractor, recommends ImmuneExtra be taken as a support to the immune system. Dr. Skefich has taken one or more ImmuneExtra per day, every day since early 2020.