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by Drucker Labs
32 liquid oz


Intramax Vitamins

Intramax vitamins were developed by Richard Drucker when he was wasting away and getting no help from the medical community. He decided to take his health into his own hands when he developed this product, and the use of it brought him back to health. Dr. Richard Drucker has been in the health products field now for almost 20 years.

Intramax is considered a “multi-vitamin and mineral” product. It also has so many superfoods and nutritional ingredients, that it is not reasonable to list them all here. Just know that you will get all organic ingredients; You will also get the preferred “pre-methylated” B vitamins. You will get the spectrum of other vitamins and minerals. You will also get the omega fatty acids. You will get a host of “superfoods,” from barley grass to aloe vera, to alfalfa extracts. This product carries not only the anti-oxidants but practical nutritionals for detoxification. There are ingredients that are known for immune modulation, and others for energy production.

Dr. Skefich particularly recommends this product to people who have been on overdrive for too long and who need to go into a restorative mode but are having trouble doing so. We call this “the tired and wired,” or the “keyed up and failing to calm” person. Although all people will benefit from Intramax multi-vitamin and mineral…those who have been stressed out for too long may feel the benefits the greatest.


Take 1/2 ounce, twice per day, preferably 15-20 minutes before meals. That is what the company advises.

If that is too difficult (and might be getting in the way of taking it at all),…just get it down. Take it all at once, 1 ounce, whenever.

Intramax vitamin is one of the most popular products at Dr. Sylvia’s office. People really feel the difference.

For more information, reach out to us at (831) 515-7522 or you can write to us at thebetterenergyshop@gmail .com.

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