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Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystals–Orgonite Gem Device


Size varies from 6.5-7.5 cm square at the bottom.

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Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

The Lapis Lazuli pyramid helps the throat (5th) and the “third eye” (6th) chakras. It enhances the speaking of truth—free of the limitations of misperception, and free of the limitations of the trauma body. The throat chakra “speaks” the truth of the heart which has to move up through the throat to come out as one’s voice. The throat chakra needs to be open and resilient–to be unafraid. We aspire that the throat chakra “tell it like it is” without reactivity or malice. Lapis stone helps with this.

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The Lapis Lazuli pyramid is also associated with the “third eye” chakra at the center of the brow. This chakra sees the whole landscape of things. The better informed this chakra is by undistorted truth, the more it can see. The third eye can be a king or queen, replete with good judgment and fairness. It looks out upon the landscape and responds to the needs of the people. The queen or king must see all (and must-see clearly) in order to be a good ruler, a good negotiator, and a good advocate for the people. This analogy applies to both the outer and the inner realms of one’s life.

Although the highest quality of Lapis Lazuli healing crystals is mined in the country of Afghanistan, lapis lazuli is also sourced in Chile, Russia, Italy, and other lands. The better quality lapis lazuli has gold flecks in it, and the ones with white flecks are graded at a lesser value.

Benefits of the Lapis Lazuli Pyramid 

The Lapis Lazuli pyramid helps to enhance the properties of truth, knowledge, learning, honesty, and wisdom. Due to the relationship to the 6th chakra, lapis is associated with honor and power. Lapis is associated with the gods, and with protection from the evil spirits and bad influences. In fact, lapis bounces back energy to where it came from.

Its spiritual properties are about “vision,” supernatural sight, and helpful with the recollection of past lives. On a practical level, lapis is useful where good judgment and wisdom are needed, such as in the fields of journalism, and in leadership roles. In the professions where people help other people, lapis helps with honest self-expression and the uncovering of suppressed emotions. You can read more about lapis lazuli meanings and uses at Crystal Vaults’ extensive library.

Historically, the Lapis Lazuli pyramid is thought to help the areas of the upper body: the throat, ears, thyroid, and brain. Dizziness, hearing deficits, and nerve disorders are thought to respond to the stone positively. Due to the help with the brain and head, lapis is said to help children and others with ADD, Asperger’s, and autism. Historically, people would rub lapis on weeping or infected wounds, and the sun-warmed stone was rubbed on bruises to improve the healing.

This bulletin is for informational and historical context only and is not intended to act as a medical guide, diagnosis or suggestion for treatment of any medical or other condition. Seek medical help for medical conditions.

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