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Selenite Orgonite Gemstone Device


Size varies from 6.5-7.5 cm square at the bottom.

These are handmade objects. Feel free to inquire on other gem pyramid types not yet online at thebetterenergyshop@gmail .com


Selenite Orgonite Gemstone Device

Selenite is the stone that helps you connect to your angels and to the highest chakras. It has a “purifying” effect, and is a stone that never accumulates toxic energy. Selenite never needs to be energetically cleaned (by laying it in the sunlight, moonlight, or by putting it under running water) as is recommended for many other stones. Never leave your selenite orgonite pyramid on a concrete surface…it wears out the energetic qualities of selenite as it seeks to organize the aggregate.

(When placing your order, feel free to ask for the largest, prettiest, or the clearest selenite gemstone device that we have in stock.)

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