Shungite Pendant: The Lens


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Straight from the Karelia region of Russia, this pendant is called the “lens” by our Russian friends, but we like to call it the “lentil.” It is 3 cm in diameter and approximately 1.25 cm thick. It is one of our most popular styles. The lentil lens has a rounded surface on each side that is very pleasing to the eye and to the touch as a talisman.

Shungite is a carbon stone with a unique molecular structure. The carbon molecules are shaped like soccer balls, and are called fullerenes. This type of shungite is approximately 60% carbon. It conducts electricity, and is often felt to be “grounding” to the wearer, and protective of electromagnetic frequencies and negative energy.

Shungite (except “noble shungite” which is over 90% carbon) does shed minute amounts of carbon, which is part of why people desire it. Although the shedding is mostly not noticeable, be aware not to wear your shungite pendant with your “fine” white wear.