Primal Defense (GF) and Lactic Acid Yeast or Flora Myces (GF)

Many people struggle with sugar cravings that pull them off of their dietary goals. These cravings can be so powerful as to feel unsurmountable. This is not surprising, because sugar is about as processed from its original food state as is cocaine. The effect of sugar on our body is like a drug: it is addictive.

This irresistible drive hijacks the brain, and just about anybody may find themselves having addictive reasoning as to why it is okay to have sugar again…just this time.

It helps to know that it is the bacteria in our gut—the bacteria that grew up on the very sugar we ate–that is doing the craving. If you think it is “you” who is doing the craving, then reframe it…. the billions of individuals in your gut are causing the craving. The craving promotes the survival of that colony; either feed the monster, or create and feed a friend. It is in your hands whether you create a “bad” colony (that lives on sugar and starches), or whether you create a “good” colony (that lives on fiber and vegetables).

More and more, people are aware of the “microbiome”—the colony of bacteria in our gut, and the relevance it has for our health. The health of the microbiome is why many people take “probiotic” supplements. Probiotics add more of the healthful strains of bacteria to the gut. You can think of the microbiome as your chemical factory. Your bacteria exude their byproducts and metabolic wastes which affect every tissue in your body. The colony either “pees” out the good stuff, or “pees” out stuff that’s bad for us, depending on whether we have a good or a bad colony in us.

“Good” bacteria strains grow on healthful foods, particularly vegetable fiber. The good bacteria actually EAT the fiber, and they live in it like a nest. A good colony exudes essential fatty acids (good for our brain health and useful in keeping down inflammation), certain B vitamins, and a pH and chemistry that has a pacifying effect on the nerve receptors. (If you have heard the gut called “the second brain,” it is because of the abundance of the gut receptors, and you want them to be calm.)

You can get rid of your cravings by changing out your colony, from bad to good. If the path of dietary elimination of sugars is not working for you, you can “flip” the colony quickly by changing the flora quickly with supplements. Only the listed supplement combination works for sugar craving, in the experience of Dr. Sylvia Skefich, chiropractor, and many alternative combos  using different probiotic products have been tried.

Primal Defense by Garden of Life PLUS either one of the below:

Lactic Acid Yeast OR FloraMyces (use FloraMyces for the gluten free)

Take one of each of your chosen two products with every meal (3X per day). If you take a sweet cheat treat, take one more of each with the treat. If you are deliberating doing a sweet cheat treat, take one of each pill while you think about it. Usually cravings will go away somewhere between 3-14 days. If you are not experiencing a diminished craving within about 4-5 days then double your dose. In the exceedingly rare case where this protocol does not eliminate cravings, see Dr. Skefich’s Candida handout. There are still things you can do, but it means addressing a systemic yeast or a yeast/fungus systemic condition.

Look forward to life “on the other side” of the sugar cravings!

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