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Shungite is a mineraloid that has been around for over two billion years, and in recent years, humans have had it at the forefront of wellness and fashion trends.

Today, some celebrities put traces of shungite stones into their skincare products. At the same time, more and more online and physical stores display shungite products, such as pendants, pyramids, bracelets, and spheres, advertising their health benefits and supposed ability to absorb negative energy.

In this article, we get into the nitty-gritty of shungite stones. Read on to discover why this mineraloid is the perfect gift for your loved one.

What Is Shungite?

Shungite Photo. Source: Dreamstime

Shungite is a black, smooth stone that has a carbon content of up to 99 percent. It is mainly sourced in Karelia, Russia, which boasts an abundance of shungite deposits. It can also be found in The Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Kazakhstan, and Austria. Apart from its unique composition, the shungite consists of almost all minerals in the periodic table. It also contains a rare carbon nanostructure known as fullerenes.

What Is The Shungite Stone Good For?

The shungite stone has many benefits, including:

Water Purification

Over the centuries, humans have used shungite stones mainly for water purification and water detoxification. Shungite is ideal for purifying water because it fights bacteria and viruses. According to a 2021 study published in the Journal of Water and Health, shungite purifies water by removing contaminants and organic substances such as pesticides. The carbon from shungite also removes radioactive compounds from water.

Water Filtration

Stones, sand, and the different layers of the earth naturally filter water. Carbon-based filters purify water by removing impurities. This makes shungite stones ideal for water and sewage treatment at heat power plants.

Antimicrobial Uses

Shungite stones kill bacteria. This is an effective way to remove harmful organic matter found in drinking water and treat swimming pool water.

EMF Protection

EMFs (Electromagnetic Field Emissions) are invisible forms of radiation that can harm cells and DNA, and shungite stones guarantee protection against these frequencies. Numerous studies show that shungite crystals protect animals against EMFs; however, more studies by the scientific community are needed to show just how effective shungite stones are at protecting humans.

Stress Relief

Numerous studies claim that the daily use and close proximity to shungite can contribute to lower stress levels.

Reduces Oxidative Stress

Shungite also has antioxidant properties, which reduce oxidative stress. Researchers exposed hairless mice to UV B radiation for two days, which damaged the mice’s skin’s healthy cells. Then, for seven days, the researchers applied shungite to the mice’s damaged skin, which minimized ROS production and stimulated the production of antioxidant enzymes. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of shungite stones against UV B irradiation-induced damage help treat skin damage.

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What Are Shungite Properties and Benefits

Shungite properties and benefits include: Shungite is a grounding crystal that helps shield you from electromagnetic frequencies. It can help you integrate karmic lessons and spiritual wisdom because its high vibrations help calm your spiritual body. Shungite encourages you to do more, learn more, and step up the pressure toward your next spiritual breakthrough. Sounds great, right? Why don’t you go ahead and buy your loved one of these magnificent stones and help bring light and positive energy into their life? Here at The Better Energy Shop, we have different shungite products that are perfect for your loved one. Visit our site to check out what we have to offer.

Can You Reuse Shungite Stones?

Yes, you can reuse shungite stones. To recharge a shungite stone, you can place the stone in a freshwater stream or direct sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours at a time. By doing so, you activate and replenish the properties of the stone. You can also recharge your stone using incense smoke or sage smudging.

Is Shungite Safe?

Shungite is safe. You can drink shungite-filtered water without incorporating additional purification processes, such as chlorination, distillation, filtration, or boiling. This is because shungite cleans water by removing bacteria, phenol, and microorganisms and eliminating waterborne contaminants.

How Can I Tell If Shungite Is Real?

To tell if your shungite stone is real, you need to conduct a visual analysis. Of course, not all shungite stones have the same appearance because they are not all mined in the same area in Russia; however, the overall appearance should be like one of the following:

Elite Shungite: This rare crystal can be up to 98 percent pure carbon. It is the most sought-after crystal in contrast to regular shungite. Its interior is deep black, and its exterior is silvery and glossy, which is why many people refer to it as “shiny shungite.” Elite shungite is soft and dainty and can only be extracted manually.

Petrovsky Shungite: This crystal can be up to 75 percent carbon. It is more reflective and shiny, sturdier, and stronger than elite shungite, making it more affordable than elite stones.

Raw Shungite: Raw shungite is the most accessible crystal. It can be up to 35 to 50 percent, and it has the darkest black color. When brushed, it changes to a matte grey gloss and is ideal for use in shungite water.   Authentic shungite stones are usually laced with traces of silvery pyrite throughout the interior of the crystal. You can identify real shungite by the metallic shimmer on the exterior of the stone.

Because real shungite crystals have high carbon content, they usually leave black powdery stains on the skin or clothes. This, too, can indicate the authenticity of a shungite stone.

What are the Health Benefits of Shungite Stones?

Shungite crystals benefit the human body in various ways. These crystals neutralize electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, microwaves, and computers, which can negatively impact your health. Secondly, shungite stones shield you from negative energy. When you step out into the world wearing shungite earrings, pendants, or necklaces, these can help you deter negative energy and bring light during trying times.

Third, complementary and alternative medicine practitioners use shungite stones to enhance overall health, protect homes from negative vibrations, and cleanse the energy of certain spaces.

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Get Your Loved One The Perfect Gift Today!

Shungite is made of a special carbon molecule that is shaped like a geodesic sphere. Many individuals believed that this type of carbon could only be made in space, but lo and behold, there is a massive load of it in Karelia, Russia, and no one knows why.

If you infuse the regular grade shungite in water for three days, it will purify the water and infuse shungite molecules into the water. Try doing this with a glass of fluoridated water, and on the third day, you cannot smell the fluoride anymore. Shungite-infused water has antioxidant benefits. The geodesic sphere attracts toxins and free radicals. The shape of the molecule cages the impurities, removing them safely from the body in the form of urine.

Why not get your loved one a TRULY unique gift, a gift that they will be able to talk about and that has a rich story behind it. Women and men enjoy wearing shungite pendants and using shungite phone tabs.

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