Formula 303 from DeeCee Labs is one of those products that patients ask for again and again at the office of Sylvia Skefich, chiropractor. Many people have even come to refer to the formula as their “Formula SOS”! This formula is made from three active ingredients, all being homeopathic. This means the help comes from the “energy” of the three ingredients rather than from their chemistry. Homeopathic doses of Valerian root, passionflower, and magnesium comprise the blend. Formula 303 is best taken as a lozenge, although the round-shaped tablets can be swallowed whole or chewed if the taste or smell gets in the way of you taking the pills as a lozenge. Some people like the flavor, some don’t. Feel free to ask for a sample at The Better Energy Shop.

In Dr. Skefich’s chiropractic practice, she will often give out a sample baggy of Formula 303 for patients who are really stressed out and tense as part of the treatment. Whether the reason for the tension was a recent auto accident or just too much situational background stress, the results are often immediate and

Formula 303 works as a muscle relaxer, a sleep aid, and a tension tamer. The dosing varies per person. We suggest that you start with two at once to make sure you get a good therapeutic benefit. Suck on two at a time, or swallow them if need be. If you notice an improvement, and then the tension creeps back in again some hours later, or on the next day, take two more. A typical dose is to take one or two pills during the daytime (either at once, or separated, and at least 10 minutes away from food or beverage other than water), and then two in the evening about an hour or so before bed. You may take as many as 12 pills per day. (Pregnant or nursing mothers should not take this product only because it has not been tested on this group. Children over the age of four may take one pill at a time.) If you take two pills and you feel nothing improves, then take two more pills in a few hours. It is a more rare outcome, but it can be the case that the “dosing” needs to be accumulative to take effect. Keep taking Formula 303 in that case–at least 4 pills per day, for three or four days–before deciding if it is not working for you.

What are the energetics of Formula 303? Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer. On a cell level, magnesium works as a team with calcium—calcium being the “go, go, go” messenger, and magnesium being the “stop” or “slow down” messenger. You need a healthy ratio between the two minerals, balancing between peppy action and restorative rest functions, like a teeter-totter. Valerian has been historically used as a sleep aid, anxiety reducer, pain reliever, and muscle relaxant.

Dr. Skefich relies on the textbooks and class materials of Kerry Bone for much of her herbal knowledge. Kerry Bone writes about the benefits of herbs in his heavily footnoted material replete with gobs of scientific research to support the claims made, and Valerian is a highly substantiated herb for its relaxation

Passionflower is another powerful plant helper, used historically to help with reducing muscle spasms, and depression. Passionflower is used as a sleep aid, and for reducing tension in the heart and vascular system.

Together, the three energetics create a powerful team to tame your tension. (These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA for treatment of any medical condition.)

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