Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant naturally produced by the liver (and the central nervous system) that helps protect the body from heavy metals, peroxides, and free radicals. It has shown to be exceptionally popular recently, in nutritional supplementation form.

Factors like environmental toxins and poor nutrition can hinder glutathione synthesis. The good news is that oral glutathione supplementation can fill the deficiency gap and prove helpful for tissue wellness and for several health conditions. This post discusses what glutathione is, what it does, its health benefits, and why the type of glutathione you take “matters.”

gluthathione What is Glutathione and What Does it Do?

Glutathione is primarily composed of three amino acids – glutamic acid, L-cysteine, and glycine. (Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.)

There are two forms of glutathione – “reduced,” and “oxidized” glutathione. Reduced glutathione is the active form and is often known as GSH or L-glutathione. It works to eliminate free radicals and, in the process, is converted to oxidized glutathione (the inactive form) by an enzyme called glutathione peroxidase. All you need to know is that it is a marvelous feedback loop – some call it a “recyler” loop – that allows more of the active form of glutathione to be made out of the basic building blocks when needed. After it is used up, the building blocks are there to be put back together into glutathione again.

Glutathione acts as a master antioxidant with a vast role that ranges from preventing cell damage to supporting healthy immune system function. And while glutathione exists naturally in the human body, factors like chronic stress, smoking, poor diet, and age cause the gradual depletion of your naturally occurring glutathione.

Glutathione synthetase deficiency, where you can’t produce enough of your own glutathione, is linked to various health conditions such as inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and high blood pressure. It also leads to oxidative cell damage, which occurs when there are more free radicals than antioxidants.

Incorporating amino acid foods such as cruciferous vegetables, lean protein, and legumes into your diet can boost glutathione production.  Like amino acids, glutathione contains sulfur. Foods rich in Vitamins C and E are also effective for boosting glutathione levels. 

Glutathione dietary supplements used to be ineffective,… but companies like Apex Energetics have come up with masterful ways to transport glutathione to the cells for optimal benefits. Apex Energetics offers effective oral glutathione supplements like AC Glutathione, or Trizomal Glutathione liquid which was not possible a decade ago. 

Additionally, some practitioners, especially Naturopathic Doctors, offer intravenous glutathione therapy as part of integrative medicine.


Why Glutathione Supplements?

The “vitalistic” approach to health and wellness is a health support system, as opposed to a disease control system. 

On one hand, medical doctors are needed to support a person as he or she travels their decisions with any disease or condition. Medical doctors also provide important screenings, and are there for you with your medical questions.

On the other hand, the vitalistic approach looks to make “wellness” as possible as can be possible for you by providing the building blocks, essentials, and a road to travel so you can thrive. Vitalistic approaches use diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle choices to manage all kinds of stress that can take a person down. Stress is not just “out there,” but stress can also be inside you, and oxidative stress on your cells is just one example. This is why people like something they can do at home to help themselves.

Oxidative stress is basically how a cell shows damage after becoming  dysregulated. The chemistry inside and outside the cell goes out of balance. The nature of oxidative cell damage is that it can spread like a fire. 

Anti-oxidant nutritional supplements help to put that fire out and is a tool you can use in your own kitchen. Glutathione is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants there is, and that is why so many people are interested in it. It puts out more fire, allowing the cells to return to homeostasis sooner than later. You can read how to get your own quality glutathione at the end of this article. First read on about some conditions that can be helped with glutathione supplementation.


Glutathione Levels and Oxidative Stress

The most significant health benefits of oral glutathione originate from its antioxidant properties. Oxidative stress occurs when there are more free radicals in the body than antioxidants, leading to cell damage. The National Cancer Institute has linked oxidative damage to cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and rheumatoid arthritis.

As a powerful antioxidant, mitochondrial glutathione staves off oxidative stress and reduces disease. According to the Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy, glutathione deficiency causes oxidative stress,  which might increase the risk of cancer. Higher glutathione levels, on the other hand, help cancer cells resist oxidative stress.


Glutathione and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many symptoms of autism spectrum disorders stem from inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and brain. As a result, the right supplement can reduce inflammation and improve the associated symptoms. Glutathione supplementation is particularly promising for autistic patients. Find a specialist in autism near you to help understand how much glutathione is needed..

Glutathione works on a cellular level, affecting anti-inflammatory pathways. It increases the cells’ ability to fight against things like oxidative stress that cause inflammation in the first place, not just putting out the fire, but preventing it from starting in the first place.

In addition, glutathione plays a role in managing glutamate, a powerful neurotransmitter that activates the immune system in the brain. Excess amounts of glutamate overstimulate the brain to the point of toxicity and trigger oxidative stress. Healthy levels of glutathione may help Autism Spectrum Disorder  patients experience lower anxiety levels and communicate more effectively.


Glutathione and Cystic Fibrosis

More than thirty thousand children and adults in the US struggle with cystic fibrosis, which causes the body to produce excess mucus. It compromises the pancreas, digestive system, and lung function. People with this condition have reduced glutathione levels and increased oxidative damage.

A recent blind placebo-controlled trial found that inhaled glutathione increased peak expiratory airflow in patients with cystic fibrosis. Patients also reported improved mucus production, stamina, cough frequency, and overall wellness.


Glutathione and Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral obstructive arterial disease is a condition characterized by reduced blood flow to the legs. The arteries become clogged with plaque, which restricts leg arterial circulation. Patients with this condition experience cramping and pain when walking or working out. A weakened pulse, numbness, and erectile dysfunction in men are also common symptoms of this disease.

Research has shown that IV glutathione infusion can help patients with peripheral arterial disease walk further without pain. Glutathione facilitates the improved flow of blood and circulation in the legs.


Reduces Cell Damage in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

A deficiency of antioxidants can heighten the death of cells in the liver. This causes fatty liver disease in both alcoholics and nonalcoholics. In alcoholics, the misuse of alcohol leads to glutathione depletion, which exacerbates liver disease.

Taking supplements to correct disease-related glutathione deficiency has been known to restore healthy cells in people with alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It works by improving enzyme, protein, and bilirubin levels in the blood.

A recent study found that glutathione was more effective when administered in high doses. Another clinical trial found that glutathione’s antioxidant and detoxifying properties help treat chronic nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.


Glutathione Reduces Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Scientists have extensively explored the role of glutathione in reducing the symptoms of early Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative disorder common in adults. The condition affects the central nervous system and is characterized by tremors, rigid muscles, and poor posture and balance.

Parkinson’s disease is associated with oxidative stress, which increases as you get older, and the body slows down the production of enzymes that fight free radicals. Therefore, it stands to reason that higher glutathione levels can slow down the progression of Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.


Glutathione Fights Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system attacks the body. There are many types of autoimmune disorders depending on what system of the body is attacked and severity, including Type I Diabetes, Psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Oral, IV and topical glutatthione (like Oxicell by Apex Energetics) are very useful in “turning down the dial” of any autoimmune condition.

An effective way of reducing the chronic inflammation associated with autoimmune conditions is to increase cellular glutathione content. Glutathione supplementation can protect the thyroid gland from inflammation and balance immune action, thus fighting autoimmune attacks. If you have Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis, rub a small amount of Oxicell or Oxicell SE glutathione cream on the front of your throat two times per day.

Ongoing research looks to uncover the role of glutathione in detoxification, weight management, insulin levels in older people, HIV infection, inflammation, and other processes in the body. That said, taking supplements specially formulated to promote glutathione production alongside cruciferous vegetables is helpful in managing oxidative cell damage, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, and more.


Want to boost glutathione levels? Take Glutathione supplements

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