Orgonite refers to gems and metal (such as wires, beads or metal shards), and sometimes sacred geometry pieces that are artfully placed dried into a resin matrix.

Pyramids are commonly chosen as a shape of an orgonite gem device. Pyramids are said to focus and concentrate the energy of the gems. Carnelian is a member of the quartz family and it harmonizes with the 1st and 2nd chakras, and less so, to the 3rd chakra. The first chakra (located near the pubic bone) represents one’s health in regard to family of origin, and to those who a person chooses as “family,” (i.e., one’s “community” of choice).

The 2nd chakra (below the navel) represents one’s health in regard to the manifestation of creativity, self-expression, and sexuality. And the 3rd chakra at the solar plexus represents a person’s health in regard to one’s own expression and health in regard to one’s roles…daughter, son, father, husband, friend, boss, mother, householder, professional, etc.–and also to the community’s recognition and appreciation of how one fills those roles.

There is a long list of beneficial traits associated with the carnelian stone.

To boil it down, you can think of carnelian as ruling the chakras of fire, sexual expression, creativity, and life force. Therefore, the stone helps a person to manifest those things in a free flowing, healthy, unblocked, yet stable and protected way. Not only does carnelian help enhance a healthy representation of passion and romantic love, but it also enhances the ties of family love and of healthy community bonds, too.

Carnelian is also known to strengthen the voice and to be an aid in public speaking and singing. Carnelian can help to bring that self-expression forward. Carnelian is the “singer’s stone.” This makes sense because carnelian rules the second chakra of self-expression.

On a foundational level, carnelian helps the first chakra (and therefore all chakras that flow forth from that foundation) by increasing motivation, and by removing procrastination. Carnelian gets the ball rolling and readies the first chakra for the task of manifestation. Carnelian then helps with the strength and boldness of expression and gives the courage to do what needs to be done.

Leadership is a characteristic associated with carnelian.

Historically, high priests have worn carnelian in their robes, and warriors have used carnelian as a talisman.

In order to give a “healthy” full expression to the lower chakras of creativity and manifestation, “balance” is needed—otherwise the power can go “unhinged”–and carnelian gives that balance. It is a very stabilizing stone. In fact, in ancient Egypt, building tradesmen used the stone to show rank. Sound, strong structures and organized form go along with carnelian.

When there are imbalances of the fiery emotions—like jealousy and possessiveness–carnelian is said to help tame or bring balance to those feelings.

Carnelian is also helpful for managing excesses of food consumption and for breaking bad habits.

Physically, carnelian is associated with being an aid to help with low back pain, arthritis, neuralgia (nerve pain), depression, and improving circulation and nutrient assimilation.

This flier has outlined some historically understood uses and benefits of the carnelian gemstone. Information of gems and stone “historical benefits and uses” should not be used as a replacement for medical advice or care. This flier is for informational purposes only.     © Sylvia Skefich 2019