You hear people asking “what is shungite” because it is still a relatively little-known stone, but it is gaining popularity with great speed.

Shungite is a carbon stone that is found in the Karelia region of Russia. Although shungite is found in a few other regions of the world, the lodes that exist in Russia are vast.

Karelia is in northern Russia and is bordered by Finland on the west, and by the White Sea on the northeast. In fact, part of Karelia is in Finland, too, the Fins having ceded much but not all of Karelia to the Russians in the Winter War of 1939-1940.

This region is home to two of the largest lakes in Europe, Lake Ladoga, and Lake Onega. Lake Onega is close to where the shungite rock is found. There are theories as to how the unique two billion-year-old stone got to be there. The presence of the lake, and biodiversity there is part of one theory.

What is shungite?

It is a stone with various grades, all of which are very high in carbon, including a unique carbon molecule called fullerene. Fullerenes are soccer ball-shaped molecules.

Shungite has anti-bacterial properties and was first used by Peter the Great to purify the water of his army. Peter the Great also is said to have started the first spa in Russia, taking advantage of the waters that flowed through shungite rich lands of Karelia.

Shungite is also capable of conveying an electrical charge, unlike normal carbon. You can find people on YouTube putting clips on either end of a piece of shungite and proving that point. Because of its electrical properties, people use shungite to “ground” themselves and to improve how they feel, subjectively.

Shungite Pendant: The Lens

If you infuse your own water with the raw shungite chips, you will notice several things happening:

  1. If you used chlorinated water, the chlorine smell and taste will be gone in almost exactly three days.
  2. The water will taste sweet and mildly mineral-like
  3. If you had infused a large amount of water, you might notice impurities that have “flocked” to the bottom of the container, perhaps leaving a faint downy layer (depending on the water used), yet the stones never get slimy.

People, therefore, do buy shungite to make water infusions to drink at home. Shungite will purify the water, but many people drink water that has been purified anyway, whether from purchasing it in the store, or by having a home water system. Still,…people make home infusions of shungite water….

Why do people drink shungite water infusions today?

Remember the aforementioned shungite molecule called the “fullerene”? Fullerenes are antioxidants when taken internally. Because they are shaped like soccer balls, shungite fullerenes attract toxins with their basic magnetic property, contain them within the soccer ball, and carry those toxins out safely in natural elimination.

Just two ounces of infused water per day does the trick. More is not better because there is natural elemental iron in shungite which is not needed by the human body.


Shungite come is many grades, the highest level having a lustrous or bright quality to it.

This is referred to as Noble Shungite. Noble Shungite is approximately 98% carbon. The most common version of shungite which is used in jewelry and water purification is approximately 60% carbon.

People wear shungite jewelry for various reasons. For one, helps people who are “electromagnetically sensitive” (or “allergic” to electromagnetic radiation). It takes away or minimizes their symptoms which may include head pressure and sensory disturbances.

Shungite Pendant: Women’s Circle

Shungite helps to clear the free radicals that accumulate with the ever-expanding 5G phone technology.

5G cell towers emit a frequency that accumulates its energy on the surface of the living body, which is more harmful than the prior 3G and 4G technologies which although penetrated deeper, it dissipated more easily. People also report simply feeling better when they wear their shungite beads, bracelets, earrings, and pendants, especially when they touch the skin.

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