You must purchase your nutritional supplements from a trusted source if you want to ensure that you have purchased a quality product. Stores that are known for having a low price point often know little about nutritional supplements. Their goal is to satisfy their clientele with a low price point. In these cases, you might just be getting what you pay for…“cheap” nutritional supplements.

In particular, mineral products like calcium and magnesium can be made out of inferior substrates, which makes them hard to absorb. Calcium carbonate and magnesium oxalate are examples of this. It is like eating rocks to get your minerals. 

The B vitamins, too, can be inferior in cheaper supplement brands. Doctor’s lines of supplements provide the “pre-methylated” B vitamin types that are more easily processed by the average body. The inferior types of B vitamins can actually cause agitation in susceptible people, or simply not be fully absorbed.

What about vitamin C? Almost all vitamin C products on the market come from China. In general, people usually want to stay away from health products made in China, but how would you know the source of your vitamin C?

Your trusted chiropractor, acupuncturist, or naturopath is likely to have put in a lot of time in sourcing superior vitamin products. Although the prices might not be able to compete with your bargain markets, in many cases, the prices are still affordable. Your body will feel the difference of a well-absorbed, and effectively utilized nutrient of the highest quality.

What brands offer the best nutritional supplements? Standard Process is a great one. They made the first multi-vitamin ever on the planet way back in the early 1920s. They are moving their line towards more and more of a gluten-free offering, too, which is becoming the popular demand. (The wheat germ used in some products was beneficial for the vitamin E factors, but rice bran can replace that.) The beauty of Standard Process is that most of their formulations are “whole food” vitamins and organ support. 

Be careful of the term “whole food” in vitamin advertising. Even some reputable brands use the term “whole food-based,” but what they actually mean is a synthetic vitamin chemically attached to a “whole food base.” Is that a trick? It would be reasonable to assume that “whole food based” means vitamins that are made of whole food concentrates, but that is not necessarily the case.

Standard Process supplements are made out of whole foods in almost every case. The line is exquisitely designed to support the body functions, sometimes even resulting in a transformation for the person taking it. You can read more about whole food nutrition at The Weston Price Foundation. The array of unusual food ingredients in many of the formulations is unique and is indeed what makes them work.

For example, in kids who have scoliosis curvatures (to a mild to a moderate degree), or who have excessively slumped posture, to use the Standard Process Ligaplex ll product–at half the adult dose–will often result in a straightening of the posture over 4-5 months of continuous use. In it, there is ligament support and adrenal support (since the adrenals “rule” the ligaments) in this product. Generally speaking, Ligaplex ll is used for chronic ligament weakness or instability. (This use recommendation comes from the clinical experience of the author, and is not a claim by the manufacturer.)

Standard Process Tuna Oil is another fine product that, unlike the competing fish oils on the market, has never been fractionated, taken apart, and put back together in ratios that scientists think is smart, nor has it been diluted (which is allowed by law). Tuna Oil is made exclusively from the cheeks of the tuna fish. This particular muscle happens to be very high in the natural anti-inflammatory factors that scientists seek when pulling oils apart and putting them back together again in different ratios in the lab. Therefore, Standard Process Tuna Oil is very good at decreasing the pain of arthritis in humans and pets. Any pain or inflammation issue may likely respond well to Tuna Oil from Standard Process. (This is the experience of the author in clinical practice.)

Another favorite from Standard Process is Trace Minerals B12. Don’t think of this product as a “B12 vitamin”…instead, think of it as a mineral product and support the “rest and digest” functions. It is a maintenance formula that commonly helps people who have weak digestion, strong gag reflex, and maybe even uneasy swallowing. Trace Minerals B12 can help the sleep responses to be deeper. Take two per day for a while (one more than the “maintenance” dose.)

Organically Bound Minerals, on the other hand, are a support for the “fight or flight” nervous system. If a person feels “keyed up,” or they fail to fully calm, then Organically Bound Minerals is their chosen product. If a person feels the telltale “tired and wired” feeling, they should take the Organically Bound Minerals. The person who will benefit most from Organically Bound Minerals feels like they are running on fumes. Take two per day for a while (one more than the “maintenance” dose). Add Trace Minerals B12 to the Organically Bound Minerals if the nervous system depletion is deep and long term.

Are you still thinking about Vitamin C? Check out Quicksilver Scientific’s Liposomal C. Not all synthetic vitamins are bad…you just want to know that you are getting the good stuff. The vitamin C in this liquid product is sourced from Europe. Check out the competitive pricing of Quicksilver’s Liposomal C on Dr. Sylvia Skefich, chiropractor’s online store, HERE. Dr. Sylvia has many quality products, competitively priced, and for one low shipping price no matter how many products you buy (with the exception of Intramax). You can also find a link to Dr. Skefich’s Standard Process store there.