Cataplex B from Standard Process is a whole food concentrate B vitamin.

Beware of other vitamin companies that claim a “whole food based” vitamin. You really have to look at the labels or inquire with the company: Is the company using synthetic vitamins that are chemically bonded in a lab to a “whole food base?” Most companies who claim a “whole food based” supplement do this. Is that natural?

The body is a grand and perfect chemistry project.

It is a project based on the fine-tuning of evolution over time. The body knows what it needs, and its needs are based on what nature provides. Can we expect an experiment to be successful if we throw in random ingredients and change the ratios? No. The natural way is better in cases of maintenance and support of the body in its natural functions.

There is evidence that uses of synthetic vitamin B in animals (specifically thiamin chloride) causes sterility in the third generation thereafter (Influences of Massive Doses of Vitamin B on Fertility and Lactation, J of Nutrition, 18, 2:187-194, August 10, 1939). Of course, this is a test using “massive” doses of a synthetic vitamin…but could you imagine massive doses of any food causing sterility in the third generation thereafter? (By the way, there are not a lot of modern studies on vitamins because vitamins are non-patentable and the data is not be protected by the investor.)


Why do you need a whole food B-vitamin?

Now let’s talk about the good stuff: the whole food concentrate B vitamins that is “Cataplex B.” In the practice of Dr. Sylvia Skefich, chiropractor — and over the course of 20 years — Dr. Skefich has seen how these food-based B vitamins actually work to decrease the pain of herpes, sciatica, and other nerve pain even when synthetics B vitamins in high doses did not do the trick. B’s help nerves! B vitamins are also useful to support healthy heart and heart rhythms (being that the heart is so full of nerve bundles).

B-Vitamins and Blood Pressure

For those people who have low blood pressure, Cataplex B can raise blood pressure to better levels. How do you know if you have low blood pressure? One sign is feeling lightheaded when standing up from a stooped position. B vitamins help with muscle tone, including the micro-muscles of the vessels which should be able to “snap to” when put under the pressure of standing up.  (Weak adrenal glands may also be implicated in this example.)

People with high blood pressure should know that all water-soluble whole food B-vitamins (including Cataplex B) can potentially further raise blood pressure by creating more “tone” in all tissues and vessels.

Although the water-soluble B vitamins are the ones commonly referred to as the “B” vitamins, there is another set of B vitamins that are fat-soluble (choline and inositol). The fat-soluble B vitamins can lower the tone of the vascular system and can be used to lower blood pressure in some people.

A high blood pressure person who finds themselves sensitive to taking water-soluble B vitamins can still take water-soluble B vitamins as long as they balance the water-soluble B’s by taking enough fat-soluble B’s too. You should consult with your medical doctor as well as a qualified natural practitioner if wishing to support your own blood pressure with vitamins.

B vitamins are needed and used for detoxification processes in the liver. Cataplex B is a safe and gentle nutritional support for the natural detox pathways of the liver.

This bulletin is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to direct care for medical conditions. Please see your doctor for medical advice. Do not take water-soluble B vitamins if you have angina pains.     © Sylvia Skefich 2019